Message from Kent County Councillor Michael Northey

During the current coronavirus situation, a great deal is being done by so many to help. I have heard wonderful stories, as we all have, of people helping each other in these difficult times. We can only admire with gratitude and support those on the front line, including health workers of all sorts, people who produce, distribute, stack and sell foods and medicines, those who take care of people in need, teachers and others caring for children so that their parents can be available for front line work, transport people. Indeed there are so many who also help by being available for family, neighbours and friends. Of course the main thing we can all do is to obey the rules, and do all we can personally to stay healthy and protect others from illness.

Here is the latest document from Kent County Council, which has a wealth of information in many areas, for questions people may have, such as refunds for school passes and many others. Things like potholes, drainage and highways problems should be reported on line in the normal way. The main port of call is the KCC website, which is updated daily. The Canterbury City Council website is also very helpful on queries such as refuse collection. It is not always clear to the public which council does which, so it is best to look on both sites from time to time.

There will also be a free helpline (03333 602300) at the Kent Growth Hub to provide specific local information to Kent businesses and a 12 month repayment holiday on any loans taken out by local businesses with the various local investments schemes for business development and job creation.

It is also useful to visit the national government website for all manner of information.

One thing to be aware of is that there may be scammers, such as strangers knocking on the door, offering to go shopping and asking for money upfront – then you never see them again. Please ask people to be sure they know who the person is. Fortunately the local community help is so strong and so many wonderful people helping out that this should not be a problem.

I’ve put this into a bulk mail to all parish councils, where the email address is public. Where clerks and others prefer to use their own email address, I am sending this to them separately and individually. This includes organisations other than parish councils.

I would be grateful if you could distribute this as widely as possible in your area.

Councillors, like everyone else are stuck in the house, apart from permitted journeys out, so this seems the best and only way to stay in touch.

Again with my very best wishes and thanks for so many great people doing so much to help us all.

All best,


Michael Northey KCC Member for Canterbury South