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Strange times in the Light of Easter

It was said last year that we live in strange times with Brexit and perhaps much stranger as we face a threat to public health not seen for generations. As we move from Lent into Easter the church readings from the book of Exodus take us through the liberation of the Hebrew people out of Egypt led by Moses. We read how various plagues and illnesses beset the people of Egypt which with no doubt would have disrupted life throughout the country; however, we continue to read how the hope of a promised land is realised for the future Israelites with God’s guidance. The days that lead up to and including Easter Sunday takes us through a variety of emotions from an exhilarating Palm Sunday entry by Jesus into Jerusalem to his trial and crucifixion on Good Friday, and then the impossible – The Resurrection. With our nation facing the debilitating effects of COVID-19 we know that we will face disruption and yet we need to look to the future when the storm is past. This will be an uncertain journey for our community but we are called to love our neighbours as ourselves (Luke 10:27) and our instincts must be like that of the Good Samaritan in ensuring that our neighbours, whether well or unwell, and who are vulnerable, lonely and the elderly are looked after in practical needs by delivering food produce and prescriptions and to be in contact regularly. By caring for our neighbours we help to change lives and by changing lives we become Christlike. I pray that the hope of the coming Eastertide will renew our own lives to a greater service. “Now to him who is able to keep you from falling, and to make you stand without blemish in the presence of his glory with rejoicing…Amen” (Jude 24).
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An American Supper

Due to the Coronavirus and the Governments advice to ban social gatherings, it is with regret, that we have postponed the American Supper which was due to take place on the 18th April. We have another date for you to place on your calendar, Saturday September 19th 2020. Let’s hope this global pandemic is long gone by then. Any monies I have collected at this time, Sponsorship, Raffle tickets and event tickets, will be held and added to the September event. For those of you who gave
so generously with sponsorship, I know and you know who you are, if you would like me to give your donation to the Hospice now, please let me know.
I would just like to add, we are a small village, let’s all keep an eye on the elderly and help each other out when we can. Stay safe and clean, hopefully we will all come through this pandemic unscathed.
Steve Morris
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If any individual or organisation wishes to have an event publicised in the Newsheet or has an item of interest or useful information, contact on or before the 20th of the month. The Newsheet is issued free each month to each household in Adisham and if you do not receive your copy please inform the Clerk, Jean Swan, or Ken Terrett.

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April 2020

Dates for the Diary

Household rubbish (Landfill) days Friday 3rd and Saturday 18th April (note change of day)
Recycling Days Fridays 10th & 24th April (Recycling & Food Waste) 
Parish Council Monday 17th March 7.00 pm – Village Hall – (see page 3)

 Canterbury City Council has announced that collection
of green waste is suspended until further notice

Mobile Library (next visits) Confirmation from KCC is not available as The Newsheet is being prepared, but it is unlikely that the mobile library will be making its village visits

All other normal meetings, etc. are not being held owing to the current situation.

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Church Services in Holy Innocents’
A message from David Rance
Given the current Covid-19 situation, our Archbishops have very reluctantly decided that no formal services will be held in Church of England churches until further notice. This obviously applies to Holy Innocents’, Adisham. At time of writing, it’s not possible to say if we can open the church for personal prayer in a way consistent with latest guidance on social distancing. Along with Adisham Parish Council and individuals in the village, we are part of the community effort to provide pastoral and practical help where required. If you have any questions or need specific help, please contact the Churchwarden, Mary Rance (01304 840569; We will continue to give regular updates via the Adisham Church Community email network and on the Adisham Community Facebook page. The closure of the church means:
– No flower arrangers
– No practising the clavinova or organ
– No cleaning
– No access to church files and records, equipment or stocks of materials
– No access to contractors
– No use by Adisham School … until further notice. David Rance.
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Baptist Services No information on these services are presently available.
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Roman Catholic Services
As I expect you will have guessed, there are no Easter services at St. Finbarr’s or at St. Paul’s. If anyone would like a copy of the weekly Parish newsletter, either by email or delivered, or if anyone would like to join the St. Finbarr’s WhatsApp group, please contact Mary on or phone 01304 206766. It is hoped that Sunday and weekday Masses will be live-streamed from St. Paul’s in about ten days’ time – details will be in the newsletter.
Anne Rowe

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Information from Rev. Stefan Thomas

If you would like or need to communicate via electronic means and also the links, see details below:

twitter: @rev_t1

Instagram: #barhamdownschurches RevT

Sustainable Adisham

Repair Café
The repair café was a success with our wonderful volunteer repairers doing a great job. We hope to hold another one when life returns to normal.

Transport Questionnaire
While you are confined to the house, please take time to fill in the questionnaire on transport needs in the village, if you haven’t already done so. It is in two parts, the first is on Transport Habits
the second part is on Transport Possibilities If you would like a paper version, please contact or ‘phone 01304 842345.

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Parish Council News The Council met on Monday 17th March:-


The Parish Council would advise residents to follow the Government guidelines during this difficult time. Information can be found on:
Our community in Adisham is known for caring and looking out for each other, we know that this will continue as we react to Government advice on how to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. However, there may be members of the community who have no family members/friends/neighbours to reach out to if in need or isolation. If this is the case then please contact Liz Collins or Jean Swan and we will arrange support working closely with Holy Innocents. Call:

Liz Collins mob:07791766872 landline:01304 842373
Jean Swan mob:07584160199 landline:01304842908

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Parish Council News – continued

If you are happy to be on a list to provide support to members of our community (within the Government guidelines) then please send your details to Jean via the Parish website. As a Parish Council we will work with local groups to consider cancellation of village events in line with the Government advice.

Annual Parish Meeting: 20th April at 7pm. Please note in view of the current situation any changes to this event will be posted on the Parish Council website, Adisham FB page and the notice boards. This is a more informal meeting and an opportunity for groups, clubs and organisations to come and tell residents about their year. The meeting will start with the Chairman’s report for the Parish Council, followed by a guest speaker, David Hayward from NHW. Reports are then received and a general discussion opportunity to finish. Please let the Clerk know if you would like to contribute to the reports.

Polite Request: Pond Cottage suffered a foul water flood on Thursday and Friday of a recent week owing to a mains drain blockage on The Street. This was caused by a blockage formed of wet wipes being flushed down toilets. This is the cause of almost all mains drains blockages, and is the result of people not disposing of such items properly – i.e. not down the toilet but in bins instead. Please dispose of wet wipes in a bin and DO NOT flush them down the toilet.

Crime in Adisham: The overall crime rate in Adisham compared to other rural villages remains low. Recently, the village has experienced some theft from vehicles. Some properties have CCTV installed, which is an individual choice and can be a helpful deterrent and may be used by the police for identification. The Parish Council have recently resurrected the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, Roger Pring is the main co-ordinator, more volunteers are very welcome to assist in maintaining the low crime levels, informing police of any incidents and staying up to date on current crime waves in the area, which can then be disseminated to residents. Please come along to the Annual Parish Meeting to find out more about how the scheme works.

Parish Website: Please subscribe and you will receive notification of any new posts. You can also find a link to the Adisham Community Facebook Page which is becoming a very popular way for residents to communicate. If you have any photographs or announcements to put on the parish website it would really be appreciated, please email the website address is given

Next Council Meeting: Parish Council Meetings will be suspended until further notice

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