Parish councillor contacts


Parish councillor contacts

Duties                                        Name                                                      Address                                                                     Telephone

Chairmain –

Social Housing, School            Dr Elizabeth Collins                               87, The Street. Adisham CT3 3JN                               01304 842373

Vice – Chair. 

Planning                                   Mr Ian Mackenzie                                 115, The Street. Adisham CT3 3JP                              

Recreation Ground

Social Housing

Councillor – Footpaths          Mrs Fiona Paterson                                 Adisham Court, Pond Hill Adisham CT3 3LH               01304 841327

Councillor –                           Mr Roger Pring                                         86, The Street. Adisham CT3 3JW                              01304 840476

Highways, Village hall

Councillor – Police &               Siobhan Hamilton

A257 Group and Highway Improvement

 Councillor –                                Kevin Chidgey

A257 and Highway improvement





Please Contact the Parish clerk if you are interested in joining the Parish council. We meet every second Monday of every month in the village hall. We would welcome new members.